Microsoft vs. EU all over again – but it gets better!

This is just great. It seems our friends in Brussels are at it again:

New antitrust investigation against Microsoft

The new case involves three main aspects. First, Microsoft allegedly barred providers of other text document formats access to information that would them allow to make their products fully compatible with computers running on Microsoft’s operating systems. “You may have experienced that sometimes open office documents can be received by Microsoft users, sometimes not.”

Second, for email and collaboration software Microsoft also may have privileged their own products like Outlook with regard to interfacing with Microsoft’s Exchange servers. The third, and according to Vinje, most relevant to the Internet and work done at the IGF, was the problem of growing .NET-dependency for web applications. .NET is Microsoft’s platform for web applications software development. “It is a sort of an effort to ‘proprietise’ the Internet,” said Vinje.

Finally someone is standing up to them. I guess this may well take some time to actually materialise as a case but something to watch for at least.

Ooooh, that makes me happy.

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