How you find me….

I was just looking through some of this morning’s stats on visitors and I was quite amused by one of the google searches that led you here (I use characters from the Discworld novels as names for all the computers in our home. But I don’t quite get this… Is Rincewind a game or something?):

how to make rincewind work on windows vista

That made me think it would make an interesting post and perhaps one to revisit every so often…

can you make a living writing free /libre/open source software

Almost certainly. But I wonder who was asking about this?

getting my laser mouse to work

Must be the early mention of using my Logitech MX1000 on Ubuntu.

Here’s some I just don’t get or are rather surprised at. They must have been on the bottom of the Google rankings…:

cyclobenzaprine, process sourcerer, sun microsystems, gambling, ecomaction+download, red ball, release, new invention product that can not buy in market year 2007, websites [!!!!!]

I bet they got a surprise…

the laughing gnome, graphic design \”tim henderson\”,

LoL 🙂 🙂

dolikeword95, funn with microsoft,

The most searched for terms that bring people here are rather surprisingly all about Compiz and Compiz Fusion. I haven’t analysed the data but at a guess I’d say about 70% of the searches to here are something to do with Compiz… Obviously there are LOADS of people interested in this…

That’s all for now. Interesting? Amusing?

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