Microsoft using FUD to try and sell Vista?

I really can’t believe this story.

In a particularly pointless and shameless security “exercise” by yet another UK Government Quango (seemingly sponsored by Microsoft) they show how easy it is to hack into a PC running Windows XP service pack 1 with no firewall, filtering or other security techniques employed… Big deal…

A Microsoft executive calls the ease with which two British e-crime specialists managed to hack into a Windows XP computer as both “enlightening and frightening.”

Oh good grief…

Nick McGrath, head of platform strategy for Microsoft U.K., was surprised by the incident.

“In the demonstration we saw, it was both enlightening and frightening to witness the seeming ease of the attack on the (Windows) computer,” said McGrath. “But the computer was new, not updated, and not patched.”

McGrath also said that Service Pack 2 for XP had a firewall and that Vista was not as “accessible to the average hacker” due to “operating system components.”

What complete bollocks. I’m sorry but this smacks of using FUD to try and get naive and scared companies to migrate from XP. Why would they want to otherwise?

Just go and get Ubuntu. It works, is very secure and its FREE.

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