Would you upgrade to Vista?

I have just read this article by Andrew Kantor. In it he describes some of the problems and bugs he uncovered after trying Windows Vista. Ouch…

The bit about not being able to make Firefox your default browser really made me sit up and think some more about what he had discovered…

If you are a business, and have just spent oodles of cash/time/resources getting your desktop hardware upgraded so you can support Vista. How pleased would you be when you find that:

  • To get Firefox (the web browser that has captured around a 1/3rd of the global user base in a few years mainly for it’s inherently better security) working as the default you need to hack the registry?
  • Or how about you want to run Paintshop and having to get users to login to the “hidden” administrator account to do so?
  • Or even better that you are unable to backup users’ directories without having to use obscure and inherently dangerous hacking tools!

It’s completely mad… I can’t see THAT improving your company’s productivity, can you?

Go on. Go and download Ubuntu (it’s free), give it to some staff and see how they get on – when the support calls dwindle you’ll start to see that there is a real alternative.

His article on IE7 and Office 2007 also makes for interesting reading too. 😉


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