Call for OSS Skills

Hi all,The Open Learning Centre

As you probably know, I am part of a new business here in the UK delivering training, consulting and support services in all things Open Source. Our target audience is the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise).

We are currently building a list of talent and are looking for individuals who are keen to use their OSS skills in a commercial context. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Kernel hacker, a PHP guru, a Java expert, someone who handles documentation, release processes, IT training or anything that is OSS related. Our intention is to build up a network of people with OSS skills which we can market and call upon as and when opportunities arise.

If you are looking for freelance contract work, permanent employment or are just interested in what could be available, please pop over to our business site at The Open Learning Centre and add your details to our form.

We won’t publish any of your details to anyone and any submissions will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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