Our new website

I switched on our new website this morning. It has taken far longer than I anticipated, but these things always do don’t they?

The Open Learning Centre: Home Page

The layout and general idea is my own design, although the colour palette itself came from here which I thought was a brilliant resource. Using the search tool, I had the main colour for our Logo (#D40000) and this site threw up several ideas which were very nice indeed. I liked Rich Choice Lighten the most.

The initial idea for the menu came from Stu Nicholls’ excellent site CSS Play. I tried to use this menu in my original design but it didn’t play well with Joomla! and the accursed IE6 browser – man that is one bad web browser. So I opted for the really great swMenuFree native Joomla! module instead.

The site is running on Joomla! 1.5 and is still a WIP (Work In Progress) but then it probably always will be to be honest. There’s quite a bit of content still to do – mainly around the technology section – adding and describing applications that we feel are important and deserve covering. But now the framework is in place we can add to it fairly easily.

I will be packaging the template up shortly. It’s GPL and will be available for download from the site, probably under the resources section somewhere.

Any comments about it are very welcome. Our old site badly needed a refresh and this is quite a big change, although I definitely think it is more professional looking.