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The OSS Enterprise

I had a dream last night. I know this is really sad [dreaming about Open Source] but I thought it worth documenting anyway.

In my dream, I was working for a large corporate enterprise in some sort of techy role. One afternoon this chap comes into my office and tells me how he has just signed up our company to deploy, globally, a brand new email server system called Exchange. He then harped on about the benefits and what-not of his solution and was obviously very pleased with himself for securing such a large order. Until that is, I mentioned to him that thousands of our desktop users use Linux and his solution would not work. With that information he literally ran, screaming, from my office.

Isn’t it strange how dreams work sometimes? I was so impressed by this one I wrote it down as soon as I woke up so not to forget it. Whilst coming round with a coffee and thinking about the meaning of my dream, I had what, for me at least, was a bit of a brainwave; there is a really simple comparison between OSS and proprietary software…

OSS Proprietary
OSS is created in public for the benefit of anyone/everyone Proprietary software is created in secret for the sole benefit of its owners/shareholders

Simple isn’t it… Does it make sense?