Calling Lance Davis – Give us our domains back!

You may recall the now infamous “open letter” [link] to Lance from the CentOS community back at the end of July.

You seem to have crawled into a hole … and this is not acceptable.

At the time it seemed rather coincidental as we were having difficulty trying to get hold of the company we originally used to register several of our domains… Guess who’s the owner/manager of Yep. Lance Davis.

We have asked repeatedly for information from them/him but are being met with silence.

It seems virtually impossible to get a solution when the owner of the business goes AWOL. The authorities for domain registrars are being less than helpful too, essentially sending us round in a circle back to Lance.

We really want to get our domains under our control. If anyone has any suggestions how we can circumvent Lance’s absence and unwillingness to acknowledge the problem please comment.

In the meantime, don’t touch with a proverbial bargepole.

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  • Michael says:

    Most domain registrars have an alternate process, involving corporate documents and faxing, etc. Some registrars like OpenSRS (who then have resellers), let you transfer from one reseller to the next without notification.

  • Michael says:

    For instance, OpenSRS/Tucows:

  • thats my dad and no he is not dead or ill…

  • Chik J Duncan says:

    Hi there

    I found this thread doing a google on the elusive Lance Davis. Clearly I’m not the only one having difficulty getting a reply from him about my domain name. Has anyone had any luck contacting him yet?

  • Andy says:

    I’m having serious server downtime issues with uklinux and I’ve been sending emails to and Guess what? No response. Currently trying the option of Tucows which hopefully will get round the problem but makes me appear really inept in the eyes of my clients. Damn you Lance Davis, why don’t you at least send round a courtesy email telling your customers whats going on.

    • Andy says:

      I eventually managed to release my domain through Tuccows compliance. They sent out my username and password to log in to my domain control panel. The email appeared to come from the elusive lance davis but I’m certain that he has done a runner and left his business in a right mess. Nice one Lance.

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