Early Father’s Day Present: DiE6

Die6 T-Shirt

Die6 T-Shirt

The postman dutifully did his ‘thang’ today and dropped off some letters. One was a small package that needed to be signed for and it was addressed to me 🙂

Was it an early Father’s Day present? No. I was expecting something as it happens.

One of our very good customers, Clive from ion design it (for whom we do a fair bit of Joomla! work – see here for one our recent projects), told me a while ago that he’d seen something he thought was right “up my street”.

He certainly wasn’t wrong.

If you haven’t worked out what DiE6 represents, click on the image or here to find out more. [Guess what I will be wearing to the pub this evening]

A most worthwhile and laudable campaign if you ask me.

Although just a small part of me wonders a little bit; It does certainly create more work… 😉

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