saves you £30Million/day…

… by my reckoning at least.

Take a look at this chart (click for a bigger image): Download Barchart

That looks to be a rough average of about 300,000 downloads of the free and open source application suite every day for the last 28 days, which means about 8.5Million downloads this month. So to me, that works out something like this:

If MS Office is worth about £100 (I guess that’s a reasonable average price) then that’s about £30Million pounds worth of software being downloaded for free every day.

In the last 28 days, that works out at about £840Million, or in US Dollars about $1.25Billion at the current exchange rate.

Now according to the’s bouncer today (02/12/2008), there have been a bit less than 18Million1 downloads so far since the release of OOo 3.0 on the 13th October. Or, to put it another way:


worth of software since launch.

How much does our government spend on MSO licenses each year? Think they should stop wasting their money? Fortunately, if it carries on like this, they will probably have to upgrade to 😉

[1] Please see the Bouncer FAQ for more details on what is recorded, but be aware that this number is probably very low in actuality:

Does the Bouncer provide the full story?

No! – it only records downloads started a single point, the download page. It omits:

  • downloads which people make directly from mirrors
  • downloads via other mechanisms, such as peer-to-peer networks
  • downloads from other third-party repositories – including GNU/Linux distributions (see next question)

Note also that the Bouncer logs when it successfully redirects someone to a download site – if the user chooses not to download, or cancels the download, then the Bouncer will not be aware.

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