The Software Freedomometer

I was presenting to a bunch of corporate folk a few weeks ago, one of my questions to the audience was “Where are you on the Software Freedomometer?” and I knocked together a few simple slides in Impress to illustrate the discussion. Even though the slides are rough, it turned out to be too good a concept not to share with a wider audience so here it is, the Software Freedomometer.

The flash version above was created simply by exporting the presentation from, here is the original file in ODF


  • Jack Hughes says:

    Hello Alan, who is on the intervening slides? Microsoft & Richard Stallman being at both ends.

  • Alan Bell says:

    well that was the discussion point, the audience had to decide which slide they belonged on. Who do you think should be on the other slides? Where are you?

  • Jack Hughes says:

    I’d say I’m probably 50-75%. I don’t think I’m worthy or hair shirt enough to share Mr Stallman’s 100%. Personally I don’t see a moral problem with using proprietary software and I use it where applicable. Heck I even write open source code too.

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