Geek Quiz: Where is Al?

Alan Lord somewhere interesting

Answers on a comment and we are looking for precision in the location here, just the city name is not good enough!

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  • Jack says:

    That’s the houses of parliament in the background so I’m guessing he’s visiting some civil service or MP walla?

  • Kyttkat says:

    Clearly on the North bank, in or next to the Houses of Parliament. Given that I seem to remember it’s just a park to the south side, you’re probably in the HoP. You wouldn’t be there to visit any old lackey and Labour… hmmm. I’m guessing that is the private office of George Osbourne.

  • Kyttkat says:

    No definitely not the HoP as you can see the south tower, the windows in the office are way too modern and you’re too high up. Definitely Millbank, orientation could be Millbank Tower. Although the windows don’t look modern enough for Millbank Tower so could be Thames House & you’re in trouble with MI5? Or being recruited to the British Security Service? You’re on the telly – BBC Parliament?

  • Alan Bell says:

    Millbank Tower is good, but we need more precision than that! keep going . . .

  • Matt Barker says:

    Isn’t that just in front of Claire Newman’s desk?? 🙂

  • Alan Lord says:

    That’s cheating Matt 😉

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