We got /.ed

Sorry if this site is running a bit slowly today.

Rather unexpectedly, our OOXML comment discussion site: www.dis29500.org got on the front page of Slashdot last night (and at 10:30am this morning it still is).

This is great news in terms of traffic and raising awareness, but bad news for the other sites we run on our Virtual Machine.

Thanks to Bytemark (our hosting company) for being on the ball and providing some more RAM at very short notice.

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  • Congrats Alan…hopefully you’ll see a nice spike in subscribers

  • Alan Lord says:

    Thanks Jack,

    Our server died under load earlier. We don’t have any direct links from dis29500.org back to here, but it isn’t too hard to work it out so traffic is a bit up on the blog.

    We have deliberately kept the blog slightly separate from everything else so we can be more outspoken. But I have been meaning to link to it from our business site. In fact that’s something I should do today…



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