And the winner is… Vista!


That bastion of corporate IT journalism, has released their nominations for the best [worst] ten Technology failures for 2007.

And coming up the rear is – yes you guessed it – Vista.

One of the longest—five years!—and priciest development projects at Microsoft, the Vista OS has yet to penetrate enterprise computing in any major way. The corporate version shipped in late 2006, and 2007 was supposed to be Vista’s march into the enterprise. But many IT leaders have called it a costly resource hog that makes them love Windows XP. Even Vista’s much-touted security isn’t helping. Now, some companies who’ve been waiting for the first service pack before deploying may skip Vista altogether due to lingering performance concerns.

I have to say I whole heartedly agree with their findings 😉

There are plenty of excellent, reliable, rock-solid, secure and free alternatives out there. Don’t waste your money any more guys and gals. Go and try some Open Source alternatives…

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