Why use Linux?

I don’t think I could have put this more succinctly if I had tried very hard. Christian Csar, explains why, in a letter to the editor at Yale Daily News, a previous article on the evaluation of Operating Systems should have included Linux…

When I installed Ubuntu 7.10, a common distribution of Linux, last Wednesday, I had to download exactly one driver. If I had installed Windows XP or Vista, I would have found it necessary to download many more…

…For application installation ‘difficulty,’ I have approximately 22,837 pieces of software any of which I could install with about six mouse clicks and six inches or so of mouse movement. The only way I can see for it to be difficult is in making the choice as to which pieces of software to install…

…Vista and OS X are infinitely more expensive than Linux. Linux is Free and Open Source Software. Just burn yourself a CD, or ask me and I’ll do it for you.

Christian Csar

Nov. 8

Csar is a sophomore in Silliman College.

Thanks Christian

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