Remember OOXML? There’s a Law Suit Coming. Croatian Style.

Remember all the débâcle about vote rigging, committee stuffing and other ever-so scandalous ongoings during Microsoft’s failed attempt to get their appallingly bad 6000+ page document specification passed through the ISO in September? No? Click here and start at the bottom…

Amongst many other national standards bodies, there were dubious voting patterns in Croatia. And Radoslav Dejanović

is still trying to enforce HZN (Croatian national standards body, or CSI) to disclose the information on members of their TC that voted unconditional yes for Microsoft OOXML. (more about that on Croatian blog Fuzzy on
It’s no more about OOXML. It’s about transparency, about my right to know who are the people that declare standards, and about my right to hold them responsible for their actions.

But without much success it seems. So far at least…

They’re stubborn. So am I. I have reached the point where the only sensible thing to do is to – sue them. Which is what I’m set up to. I have a law on my side, they have the bureaucracy on their. And a powerful ally that wouldn’t really want to have it’s proposed standard rejected.

Who’s going to win? I’m not sure. What I am about to do is to put up a good fight. Even if I lose, I might set the path for someone with more luck/persistence to carry on for the noble cause of government transparency.

Good luck Radoslav, may the community be with you…

Please send him a message of support. After all he only wants to find out the truth, what’s wrong with that? WHO could possibly be worried about the truth?

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