Upcoming Free Seminar

A quick plug for our business, The Open Learning Centre, coming up:

On the 20th November in Farnham, Surrey, England. We are running the first of what we hope will be a series of short and hopefully entertaining seminars on Open Source Software aimed mainly for the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise).

The seminar is called “The Way Out is Open!” and we will be using a totally Open Source Software solution to show how a typical business might deal with some of the usual activities surrounding a new product launch. We will demonstrate various popular products such as OpenOffice.org and Joomla! as well as many others.

I appreciate that for the main readership of this blog it will be rather uninteresting, but if you know anyone who could do with being shown the magic of Open Source then send them to this link where they can register to come and see The Open Sourcerers in action: http://www.theopenlearningcentre.com/component/option,com_performs/Itemid,83/.

As I said it is Farnham (not far from Guildford) and will run from 08:30am to 10:30 on the 20th November.


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