Untangle, Asterisk PBX and File Server; All-in-One. Part 4

If you’ve been following the story so far you’ll now where I am. If you haven’t go back to Part 1 and start from there.

The server itself is running smoothly and seemingly reliably. Building Untangle (ut for short) is proving somwhat more problematic, although to be honest, it is what I expected.

After fixing a few hardcoded environment variables (JAVA_HOME) in the [m]rakefiles and changing a class declaration from com.sun.java.swing to javax.swing, the build is failing due to some Java declarations which are requesting an unsupported feature. If anyone is interested, here’s a tarball of the build-log so far: Untangle Build Log

A bit of Googling has thrown up some information that using the SwingUtilities2 package is a big no-no. Even in the JDK 5 version. It has been moved out of the way in JDK 6 and is, apparently, unnecessary due to changes in the way swing now deals with anti-aliasing and sub-pixel font rendering.

Anyway, the guys at Untangle are being very helpful, I’ve got subscribed to their developer mailing list and, hopefully, we’ll have a fix soon.

If there are any Java gurus out there who could suggest an alternative way of dealing with this using the JDK 6 release, the error is caused in this try/catch block:

try{ ((JComponent)nameJLabel).putClientProperty(javax.swing.SwingUtilities2.AA_TEXT_PROPERTY_KEY, new Boolean(true)); }
catch(Throwable t){}

or here in the util class:

public static void setAAClientProperty(Component parentComponent, boolean isAAEnabled){
if( parentComponent instanceof JComponent ){
try{ ((JComponent)parentComponent).putClientProperty(javax.swing.SwingUtilities2.AA_TEXT_PROPERTY_KEY, new Boolean(isAAEnabled)); }
catch(Throwable t){}

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing with file systems and sorting out the partitioning to my liking. Reading several articles on-line I have decided to use XFS for the file system on most partitions. According to what I can find, it offers generally better performance and scalability than the more commonly used ext2/3. It certainly takes up less disk space, I gained 4GB on the biggest partition /home: ext3 = 260GB v XFS = 264GB. On the smaller partitions (4.7GB) I gained 100MB when going from ext3 to XFS and lost that silly and irrelevant lost+found directory.

Keep Tuned, and don’t hesitate to comment 🙂

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