Untangle, Asterisk PBX and File Server; All-in-One. Part 2

The rest of the hardware finally arrived this afternoon (the courier seemed to be asleep yesterday).

The physical installation was simple and quick. Everything worked first time. I connected it all up, checked it POSTed O.K. and verified in the BIOS that the new RAM, HDD and CD were visible and identified correctly. No problems.Hardware installed and cabled up

I tidied up the cabling and put the lid on πŸ™‚

Unfortunately I’ve just noticed that when I come to install the FXO line card for the PBX I’ll have to move some of the cables, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble.Hardware installed and cabled up

As things were going so well, I though I’d just see how the Untangle install from their ISO went. It installed fine really but there were a couple of issues for me with it:

  1. It didn’t give me any opportunity to partition the hard disk,
  2. It didn’t do any sort of locale checks so I ended up with a default US keyboard layout,
  3. It couldn’t identify the network chipset hardware. Their kernel is quite old and doesn’t have the drivers built in.

To be honest, this isn’t really a problem though. As this will be a heavily customised server anyway, I had always really planned to build a new LFS system on the box, partition it how I want and then build the untangle source and on top of my own host Linux. That way I will have much more control over what goes on, and I should be able to add asterisk and anything else as and when I see fit… That’s the theory anyway πŸ˜‰

In terms of partitioning, I reviewed my original plan and have come up with a new and much simpler scheme:

Machine Part Type Drive Grub Mount Point File System OS Size (GB)
vimes   sda hd0    

Linux sda1 hd0,0 /boot ext2 Linux 0.2
  Linux Swap sda2 hd0,1 /swap swap   1.000
  Linux sda3 hd0,2 / ext3   5.000
  Extended sda4   ext part      
  Linux sda5 hd0,4 /opt ext3   5.000
  Linux sda6 hd0,5 /usr ext3   5.000
  Linux sda7 hd0,6 /srv ext3   5.000
  Linux sda8 hd0,7 /var ext3   5.000
  Linux sda9 hd0,8 /home ext3   280.000
  Linux sda10 hd0,9 /mnt/lfs ext3   10.000

The figures won’t be exact as formatting will remove some of the usable space, but the idea is about right.

As you may also have noticed, I have chosen “vimes” for the name of this box. He is, after all, the Discworld’s first and only true “policeman”. I thought that Vetinari (the patrician of Ankh Morpork) would also be appropriate but vimes is quite a friendly chap, not how I would describe Vetinari.

More later…

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