Microsoft loses EU Antitrust appeal.

The EU Court of First Instance has upheld the EU commission’s anti-trust case against Microsoft for bundling media player with Windows, and server/network interoperability.

It will be interesting to see if they (M$) decide to appeal again (they have just 2 months) and also if they have enough proper documentation to actually explain how their networking protocols really work!

Of course one possible outcome is that nothing changes; M$ just continue to pay the fines but keep their competitive advantage. I wonder which is really more costly to them?

On the networking front, the Samba team should be quite happy about this decision I’d have thought.

Update: it seems that they are very happy: here’s a press release issued jointly by the FSFE and the Samba team.

Oh goody, yet another BAD day for Microsoft… Perhaps, now we all know (officially) that Microsoft are crooked and anti-competitive, many of the visitors to this site will stop using Internet Explorer now, and then start migrating their desktops to one of many free and Open Source alternatives (Just like Amsterdam is doing) 🙂

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  • KyttKat says:

    “if they have enough (cough) proper documentation”, if Ecma-376 is anything to go by I’m sure they can rustle up a few pages 😉

    I can understand the communication protocols remedy, but on WMP, if I was prepared to buy a MS product why would I want less functionality??? Seems a bit spineless that one.

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