Novell: “We’re not even in the Unix business anymore.”

Novell start to discuss the implications of the legal victory they achieved against SCO on the 10th August.

In a decent summing up of opinion on infoworld by Elizabeth Montalbano, we get:

“We’re not interested in suing people over Unix,” Novell spokesman Bruce Lowry said. “We’re not even in the Unix business any more.”

And Novell’s own CMO John Dragoon gives a neat and concise diary of events that led to Friday’s momentous decision:

“This is a great outcome for Linux and the open source community. A big cloud has been lifted. Customers and developers can deploy and develop on Linux with increased confidence that SCO’s copyright allegations around Linux will be put to rest. “

Checking SCO’s stock quote tells us what the market really thinks: Down to just 37c when I looked. That’s a fall of over 75% since market close on Friday and a market capitalisation of about $8m (or approx. £4m in Sterling).

I can’t see how SCO can remain a viable business for much longer. As an anonymous commentator wrote on a mailing list – Novell could buy them with spare change and that would be the end of that. Although it’s a bit of a waste of $8m I guess. There are plenty of other companies out there with that sort of cash to burn…

  • Microsoft Corporation: $268.14B
  • International Business Machines Corp. : $151.90B
  • Hewlett-Packard Company: $122.69B
  • Red Hat, Inc. : $4.12B
  • Novell, Inc. : $2.26B
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc.: $16.74B
  • Oracle Corporation : $99.96B

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