Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 released

Yesterday the team announced the release of the first development release of Compiz Fusion. This means it is still “unstable” but almost certainly more stable than the temporary Ubuntu repo we have been using which builds “deb” packages automatically from their git repository on an almost daily basis.

Here’s a nice video showing off the latest eye candy you could be getting on your desktop 🙂

According to their release notice, the odd release numbers are for unstable and the even numbers for stable code. So the first stable release will be 0.6 but may actually have less features than the 0.5 release if particular code is still deemed to be unstable… (Hope that makes sense?)

Anyway – this thread discusses how to build 0.5.2 from source on Ubuntu if you want it now. Or alternatively I guess, just wait for the very kind host of the unofficial Ubuntu repos to come back off holiday 😉

If I get chance to I’ll probably build it tonight and document the process here once I am happy it works.


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