The Ubuntu UK Podcast

uupc_logo_300A couple of evenings ago we were invited to come and talk about what we do with the team who put together the Ubuntu UK Podcast.

For those who do not know, the team are: Laura Cowen, Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope, Tony Whitmore and Dave Walker, and a couple of friendly cats. The podcast is an Ubuntu UK Community production and aims:

“… to provide current, topical information about, and for, Ubuntu Linux users the world over. We cover all aspects of Ubuntu Linux and Free Software and appeal to everyone from the newest user to the oldest coder, from the command line to the latest GUI.

Because the show is produced by the Ubuntu UK community, the podcast is covered by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and will therefore be suitable for all.”

We were made very welcome and even given seats!

They organise the podcast recording session in a more professional way than I had envisaged. They had a big telly showing the running order and some of the content to be read (although for some reason Dave seems to ignore this and just says whatever his notebook tells him) and they had lots of PCs running Ubuntu and even more wires, cables, microphones and other paraphernalia strewn about Tony’s living room.

The recording experience itself was fine and fairly painless apart from one awkward moment where Dave put me on the spot regarding Mono. I hadn’t expected that to come up and I wasn’t really sure that the podcast was the right forum so I stumbled around and then bailed out rather pathetically (hopefully that bit will be magically edited away). But anyway, seeing as we had met most of them before at various events and shows it was a friendly and jovial atmosphere.

Anyway, the podcast is now online (I am listening to it now) so go and grab it and the previous podcasts to be entertained and educated.

Many thanks to the UUPC team for inviting us. We thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

PS: Next time you meet Dave, ask him to pronounce Okular and Rants 😉