The Ubuntu UK Christmas Party

The decorations have been in the shops for months, the clocks have changed, sooner or later we are going to have to face up to the inevitability of another Christmas, and there  is nothing we can do to prevent it.

Take a moment to look forward to your long weekend of seasonal festivities with close family, distant relatives, and the not-quite-distant-enough ones. Think of the present opening, the joy of seeing another pair of socks, the screams of rage that inform you that Ben 10 was last years hot thing and a completely inappropriate present to have given this year. Just think about the meal of curiously burned stuffing inside a not-quite-cooked turkey which you will then smother with cranberry jam for no apparent culinary purpose. Spare a moment to consider the bowl of sprouts and the fun of watching adults attempting to fool children into thinking they are edible. Perhaps after the meal someone will suggest that you all play a board game together, won’t that be fun! The best you can hope for is that they will all be asleep before the Dr Who Christmas special starts.

If these thoughts of Christmas have left you in need of a stiff drink, don’t worry you are not alone, and we have a plan. The Ubuntu UK Christmas event will be held at The Hub Islington on December 21st from 7PM. You can register your attendance here (launchpad account required). We would invite you to bring some Christmas and/or Ubuntu themed nibbles and optionally a bottle of something to ward off the cold. Take an evening out to relax with friends and steel yourself for what is to come.

Ubuntu In Business

The Ubuntu UK community and Canonical, the commercial sponsors of Ubuntu, would like to invite you to a very different type of IT event. The Ubuntu operating system for the desktop and server has made significant inroads into UK businesses over the last 5 years. Often it is driven there by the enthusiasm of individuals from the community who use Ubuntu for their personal computing and see the advantages it can bring to the workplace. This event gives those advocates an opportunity to introduce their colleagues to Ubuntu, Canonical, Partners, community experts and their fellow IT professionals. Attendees will learn how Ubuntu is being deployed in the UK and discover how they can introduce or extend this technology safely and effectively within their organisation.

All are welcome, but if you already count yourself as an Ubuntu user, please drag along a colleague who has yet to see the light!

Register for Ubuntu In Business in London, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

1pm – Welcome

An introduction to Ubuntu and our community.

1.20 – Ubuntu in action

A selection of case studies of companies using Ubuntu to enhance their business.
Oxford Archaeology

Chris Puttick, Chief Information Officer, will explain how one of the largest independent archaeology and heritage practices in Europe, with over 400 specialist staff, took the strategic decision to adopt an open source infrastructure with Ubuntu at the heart of it.

Emphony Technologies

A start-up software company producing engineering project management and workflow tools decided to deploy Ubuntu as its infrastructure, find out how they got on and their plans for the future.

1.40 – Open Mic

Ubuntu partners and community members (perhaps including you!) tell us how they use Ubuntu in a business context. There will be 5 minute slots with strict timekeeping!

2.15 – Demonstrations, food and networking

Grab some nibbles and see a selection of demonstrations and hands on workshops featuring:

  • Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (Amazon EC2 compatible cloud computing wherever you want it)
  • Landscape Systems Management for Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Server Edition
  • Social Media for the workplace with WordPress and Ubuntu
  • Quick, cheap, easy, low-risk and fun ways to get started with Ubuntu
  • Ingres, an enterprise class open source database
  • Alfresco document and content management

4.00 – Ubuntu Advantage

The new services from Canonical designed to give your business an edge in its open source strategy.

4.15 – Panel Discussion

A panel with members drawn from Canonical, partners and the community chaired by author and journalist Glyn Moody and loosely following the theme of “The Benefits and Pitfalls of an Open Source Strategy”.

5.00 – Late

Attendees are encouraged to stay on, sample an Ubuntini at the bar, have a chat and enjoy the comedy night hosted by the venue itself.

Your nearest Tube is Aldgate East

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