A new social networking site just for Alans

I would like to announce the launch of a new social networking site, specifically catering to the needs of people called Alan*.

The idea came to me after a Friday night in my local pub, and being told by one of our colleagues at Canonical, that we are now simply known as “The Alans”. Funnily the chaps at Elonex usually call us that too…

If you are an Alan, or know one, then head on over to http://thealans.com where you will meet up with literally several like-named people. If you happen not to be called Alan then you can still register and take a look around, but we might just delete your profile after a few weeks. The site is based on the Elgg social networking platform. If you think your company could use facebook-like technology as an internal tool that you can control then give me a shout and we can help you get started with Elgg.

* Alternative spellings are of course acceptable as are gender alternatives such as Alana, Allana and Alanis.