Free Ubuntu 11.10 CDs for the UK

Today the Ubuntu UK LoCo team CD allocation arrived from Canonical, as is traditional I have upgraded the Kubuntu CD that my chickens peck at. I have a different set of chickens to the ones in the last photo due to a series of unfortunate events. In July we restocked by purchasing three rather young hens, Specky, Chocolate and Snowdrop who entertained the crowds at the Oggcamp Crew BBQ and have been growing fast ever since. Pictured here with the new Kubuntu CD is Specky. We wanted three nice new hens to lay lots of eggs and they are approaching egg time. Of the three, Specky has grown the fastest and has a nice comb and a tail and really is quite a lot bigger than the others and . . . actually Specky is looking a bit um, butch, for a hen. . . and those cockadoodledoo noises are not a good sign. I think we may have a problem here. Girls are lovely and useful and hard working. Boys are big, noisy and useless. I think Specky needs to urgently get in touch with it’s feminine side and lay some eggs, or there will be a less full henhouse and a more full curry pot.

Anyhow, back to the subject of this post, which is the CDs. If you are living in the UK and want an Ubuntu CD, a Kubuntu CD or an Ubuntu Server CD (or combination thereof) then you are most welcome to one. Please follow the procedure and I will send one out to you. For a while I will also include an 11.04 CD until I run out of them. If you want more than one CD then do ask me and we will try and work something out particularly if you are wanting to distribute them at a University or similar.

I almost forgot to mention, I removed their old Kubuntu 11.04 CD and washed the muck off and stuck it in a desktop, it still boots!


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