I’ve started so I’ll finish

Saturday night 9PM is quiz night this week for the Ubuntu-UK LoCo! We have some swag to give away and are going to send this out to some lucky (and perhaps knowledgeable) winners of a quiz. The quiz will be conducted online with questions and answers over IRC in the #ubuntu-trivia channel. Get a headset and install mumble from the software center as we also have audio, then connect to mumble.libertus.co.uk. If you get stuck ask for help in the #ubuntu-uk channel.

The questions will be a brand new set on the topic of Ubuntu and may include some, all, or none, from this week’s guest publication, the official Ubuntu Book 5th edition (which is also one of the prizes).

If you are not UK based you are more than welcome to observe, and join the audio on the Mumble server, but prizes are only going to be sent to UK addresses. The questions will remain available in #ubuntu-trivia for anyone to use after Saturday.

You are the weakest link, goodbye.

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