Ubuntu-UK Virtual Jam

This Saturday from 10AM to whenever we get bored there will be an online global jam session for the Ubuntu UK community. You can think of it as a virtual barcamp, and just like other barcamps the agenda is open and available for you to fill out with what you want to do. The agenda is in fact here: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/globaljam2011 we can cover any subjects, but I would like to focus on actually doing things rather than talking about doing things. Ideas could include things like:

  • Propose a hack session on an application you are working on and need some help
  • Talk about Debian packaging and lets actually package something together
  • Run though some Natty installation testing together
  • Write some documentation together

The common theme is that this is a collaborative exercise in real time and to support that we will be using the #ubuntu-uk IRC channel that we use for general support and chat, plus we will also be using a voice over IP conferencing server that uses the Mumble client. This client is in Ubuntu so just find it in the software centre or “sudo apt-get install mumble” from a terminal. Once you have it installed and running you need to connect to the server at mumble.libertus.co.uk and then start talking away. Please use a headset microphone to avoid feedback or you will have to use the push to talk feature which is a bit unnatural. The server is up and running already, feel free to give it a try in advance.

I look forward to hearing lots of people on Saturday!

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