Ubuntu IRC Council

Over the past few years I have become more involved in the Internet Relay Chat or IRC community around the Ubuntu project. IRC is a rather old technology dating back to 1988 and is still going strong as a platform for online collaboration. Just like Twitter the beauty is in the simplicity of the system, just plain text and simple fast messages and rooms for different subjects (think hashtags, but better). The Ubuntu project has rather a lot of rooms and thousands of active users at any one time and there is a team of operators keeping things in order and making it a spam free and productive place to work and collaborate. There is also a community governance team, the IRC Council which is the decision making and governance body for the Ubuntu channels. There has recently been a call for nominations to the council as some members have reached the end of their term and I am thrown my hat into the ring for this process. If you think I would make a good addition to the council it would be great if you could support me by adding a short testimonial to my wiki page. Thanks!

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