Next week is a rather special week in the Ubuntu development cycle, it is the Ubuntu Developer Summit. This is a gathering hosted by Canonical, this time in Orlando, Florida, where developers and all those interested in the future direction of Ubuntu can discuss in person the plans for the next 6 month development cycle leading up to the Natty Narwhal release.

It isn’t just a random talking shop though, there is a very structured and full schedule, in fact you can see it all here http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/ the times are all local to Florida, which means the day starts at 2PM UK time. To participate remotely there are IRC channels for each room and there will be remote audio to listen to, so wherever you are in the world you can get your thoughts and opinions across, and choose bits that you want to contribute to in this cycle.

The whole thing kicks off with a keynote address by Mark Shuttleworth on Monday, where he will set out some of the major themes of the week and of the cycle. To spice things up a bit for all the remote participants we have created a little game to play along from home, click the link to start playing:



  • One gulp of $drink for each word said during Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote speech at the Natty Narwhal Ubuntu Developer Summit
  • Finish the glass you are on when you complete a line (and pour another)
  • Have a shot glass lined up to down if you get all the words
  • If you are in a timezone where the sun is not yet over the yard arm, or are not of drinking age or inclination then you might want to use a non-alcoholic beverage, this is of course perfectly acceptable
  • Players attending UDS in person should probably not be drinking (or shouting out “House!”)
  • Players should join the #ubuntu-UDS channel on freenode to shout out the words they spot (although we might move to a different channel if play becomes disruptive)

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