Ubuntu 10.10 Installfests

We are looking forward to the release of the next version of Ubuntu, version 10.10 the Maverick Meerkat. In the UK we have a tradition of release day parties and there are several in the planning stages already. As this release will be on 10/10/10 it turns out that is a Sunday, and we should in theory have access to the final iso images slightly before the release date itself. This means we have an opportunity to run installfests during the day of release. I am not sure how many installfests there will be, or where they will be, but if you are in the UK or elsewhere and want to run a installfest in your local library or wherever you can find, then feel free to use this poster design based on an awesome Meerkat photo. The low resolution version was already CC licensed on flickr, I asked the photographer about the high res version and when he heard it was for an Ubuntu poster he gave us the high res version under the same terms!

So if you want to use this you can check out the svg source and the bitmap image on Ubuntu with:

bzr branch lp:~alanbell/+junk/installfest

Then feel free to edit it using Inkscape (it looks a mess in the image viewer, but don’t worry, it is fine in Inkscape), change the time, date, LoCo logo (would be great if other locos around the world get value from this) and print it. You will need the Ubuntu font to print it properly, I am hoping the font will turn up in Maverick soon, but there is some doubt about that at this stage. You may be thinking that the orange is too orangeish, that is because it is the correct CMYK colours for printing which are quite a long way from the RGB colour specification (I have another blog post on that I am working on).

If you are in the UK and want to run an installfest near you then get in touch because I have an even better offer for you. Give me the details you want for the venue and time and I will print out a bunch of them and post them to you courtesy of our company The Open Learning Centre and the shiny new printer we bought today.


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