The Open Learning Centre at the Woking Means Business show

Here is a picture of our stand at the Woking Means Business show. Do you think we could fit a few more computers on it? Can you identify them all? There are actually two more under the desk that are not visible in the picture.


  • Jack Hughes says:

    You’re not hiding a Windows XP box under the desk are you? 🙂 Thanks for the feedback BTW

  • I dont know if you are interested, but in another life I am on the board of business link west midlands, and we are running a business IT show early in 2009. aside form the BT type businesses, I’m trying to get some open source representation. Senokian are hopefully coming , would you be interested as well?

  • Alan Lord says:

    Hi Jack,

    Nope. There’s no XP or any other proprietary software here (apart from the Linux Skype, and Nvidia binaries I guess) . But there was an Ubuntu Lappy running the monitor, and another Elonex Webbook connected to Orange 3G. This was great. The internet connection stayed up all day, throughput was perfectly acceptable and we demonstrated various on-line stuff: I installed Inkscape from the Ubuntu repos, the other Alan installed the Chinese Language set and we both entered leads directly onto our CRM in real time. We checked email occasionally, surfed for sites and information that visitors enquired about, and even managed some skype chats too.

    At the end of the show we had downloaded about 250Mb over the air during the 8 1/2 hrs of connection time. The contract with Orange is for 3G/month so that looks to be quite a reasonable amount for a more “typical” mobile usage profile.

  • Alan Lord says:


    Many thanks for that. Have emailed you directly.

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  • This stand would anger the BSA. I know it! I can feel it!!111

  • Alan Bell says:

    @Roy, I considered joining the BSA, just never got round to it. Software piracy is bad. Everyone who wants to lock themselves in to proprietary software should be forced to pay full price for it. They are hurting the adoption of Free and Open Source Software.

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