Newsflash! Linux created by IBM, HP.

Remember this?

Another anti-Microsoft (MSFT) front group has emerged in favour of “free and open standards,” hyping what it calls the Hague Declaration and making some absurd connection to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The propagandists, partially funded by publicly traded companies, have a little trouble describing what that term “free and open standards” means (or even using it consistently), but the group has no trouble indicating its political stripes. Unbelievably it calls itself Digistan, apparently to identify with the fascist terrorists based in countries and regions using the Farsi-based suffix “stan.”

The chap who bizarrely thinks any name ending in “stan” must be terrorist AND fascist is at it again.

This time, he has re-written the history of GNU/Linux and got it completely wrong.

Linux was created by IBM, HP (HPQ) and other former IT systems monopolists that realized that Microsoft was taking their systems monopoly away from them. IBM, HP, Digital Equipment (now part of HP), etc. had banded together for this purpose in the early 1980s while Linus Torvalds, the nominal creator of Linux and who now works for one of the groups IBM, HP, etc. put together for its trust-like purposes, was still in short pants. Ten years later, the consortium chose a small piece of software code, “forked” by Linus from some other code while he was in college, to complement the still ongoing technical development effort by IBM, HP, etc. to come up with “one Unix.” What is today called Linux is the result of that one-Unix effort.


Honestly, why does he bother to write such crap? I think I know why – just so he gets some comments. Nobody bothers to comment on anything else he writes it seems. Ever.

(Maybe Google uses a comment:post ratio for rankings?)

I guess his portfolio must be looking pretty sick right now. Perhaps we all need to show Dennis some love and comment on his blog once in a while? Just to make him feel wanted…

Thanks to PJ for bringing Dennis’s drivvel to our attention and for putting the history record straight.

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