3.0 First Release Candidate Available

The best Office Application Suite and one that is free to boot, has just arrived in it’s first RC (Release Candidate) for the forthcoming version 3.0 release.

There are many new features, fixes and enhancements which you can read about in excruciating detail on the release notes page (which is not very well formatted or easy to read IMHO) or you can read the Marketing Team’s work on their Wiki which is a whole lot easier on the eye, and the mind 😉

For me, the biggies are:

  • Native Mac OSX support (if you use a MAC that is)
  • OOXML Import filters (Though why you’d want them I’m not sure… I don’t think many intelligent people use OOXML and M$ are adding native ODF support shortly soon anyway)
  • Cropping now works in Draw and Impress

Seeing as I have a nice shiny new computer, it seemed the perfect time to test the new version of OOo too.

I’ve downloaded the code from here in deb format as I’m using Ubuntu, installed the Sun JDK-6 using synaptic. When I get a moment, I’ll write up my impressions, hopefully in a day or so. I also recall finding a useful post a while back that lets you install another version of OOo without breaking your main install. I’ll explain that too.

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