Jobs in Redmond?

I came across this pearl on the marketing mailing list and it certainly gave me a little chuckle…

It was from Alexandro (CoLo of OO.o Spain) who is looking for a job in the USA working with Here is one I don’t think he’ll be applying for…

US-WA-Redmond-SMB Marketing Manager – Breadth.

The Breadth Team is seeking a talented Marketing Manager to help drive our competitive efforts within the SMS&P-SMB and with other field teams, segment teams and product groups across Microsoft. Our passion is helping our field and partners win against our biggest competitors in this space, particularly OpenOffice and MySQL.

[Emphasis mine]

Or perhaps he should? Why not infiltrate the competition? I’d hazard a guess that M$ do, or have done it.

O.K. I’ll admit that he might not last so long 😉 But I’m sure he could cause a decent amount of “Collateral Repair”. [This is the opposite of Collateral Damage; in this scenario he would help many SMEs to discover the advantages of using and Open Source in general, thereby preventing the damage caused by using proprietary software].

Have a nice day.

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