Spread Firefox: Download Day 2008

As most of you will no by now, Firefox 3 is very close to making it’s full release. Next Tuesday in fact.

If you visit the link above, or click the badge in the left hand column, you can “pledge” to download it on the day. The Pledge Reads:

I pledge to get Firefox 3 during Download Day to set the Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours.

I’ve been using FF3 for sometime now and it’s pretty bloody good. Faster, uses less memory and (apart from the Beta 5 release that used to just disappear at the most inconvenient times!) rock solid too! It has some really neat new features such as the “intelligent” address bar, the bookmark start, tagged bookmarks and many more. [Update: I caught this newspick on Groklaw. Here’s a Field Guide to FF3 and explanations of many of the new features]

Go on, make the 17th June the biggest download day ever. We’ll be promoting it to visitors on our stand at the Surrey Expo in Camberley.

PS: One thing I noticed on the map of pledges is that France is ahead of the UK by over 10,000 pleadges! Come on England, we might not be in the Euro 2008 Football tournament, but surely we can beat the French at getting Firefox???

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