Free as in Free Beer Eggs

An often quoted phrase used to describe the concept of Free Software is that it is Free as in “Free Speech” not as in “Free Beer”, i.e. the important part is the freedom and liberty rather than the price tag of zero. Well I think a more apt comparison might be Free eggs and I have started a little quest for Oological freedom. Well the eggs themselves will indeed be Free, but first I need to buy some pet chickens.

Some people think the eggs come first, others think the chickens come first. They are all wrong. The chicken coop comes first, otherwise a fox will eat them. I started out thinking I wanted an Eglu, but they are kind of the Mac of the hen house world. They look great, but they are fearsomely expensive for what you get (£700) and hard to modify.

so then I looked at more traditional wooden hen houses and purchased this one from a seller on ebay, a fraction of the price of the Eglu and much bigger (although I need to build a run to go with it)

It should arrive in the next few days, I will let you know how I get on with my quest for Free eggs.


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