Microsoft’s “big” announcement: blah, blah, blah…

Everyone is simply buzzing with excitement – well O.K. maybe not.

Microsoft have today, made a “big” announcement on interoperability.

Here’s the press release.

Most commentators I have had chance to read so far on the ‘net, having re-read it a couple of times themselves are now getting the gist of it: ‘Nothing new here, nothing to see, just move along…’

The best remark for me so far is the highly damming comment from the EU commission as reported on the BBC’s website.

“The Commission would welcome any move towards genuine interoperability,” it said.

“Nonetheless, the Commission notes that today’s announcement follows at least four similar statements by Microsoft in the past on the importance of interoperability.”

Basically, all they have done today is to “announce” what the EU told them “do” to last September. Clearly the EU would like to see actions rather than words…

The timing of this announcement, so soon before the – oh-so-important – BRM in Geneva for their OOXML specification review is rather suspicious to say the least. Don’t let anyone have enough time to read it properly before meeting on Monday (25th Feb) but just in time so they get some nice PR to help them along.

Watch out everyone – this may well just be another part of their Jihad.

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