Open Source Cars and More

I love this article on zdnet from David Greenfield. It’s a round-up of what’s happening in the up and coming area of Open Source Hardware. According to David,

A burgeoning trend in open source hardware is putting up some devices on the Web — from machines that make anything (including themselves) to cars — with the specs to make them yourself (See our list below). While still in its infancy, the trend could redefine hardware cost models much as its done for software.

And there are some neat really ideas like this one which I have been following myself for a while:

Now that you’ve got Asterisk, what hardware platform will you run the software on? Usually folk settle on a Intel or AMD based-server of one kind or another. You can build your own PBX hardware with the Astfin Project or buy one for just $450 from the Free Telephony Project store.

This Asterisk appliance project has the chap who wrote the brilliant Open Source Echo Canceller I mentioned before in it.

But how about your own, Open Source Car…

Open Source isn’t just for your office. The OScar aims to be the first open source automobile. The goal is to create a utilitarian car that aims to move people from place-to-place sans a lot of the high-tech gadgetry that runs in today cards. Initial concepts call for a four-door, four meter length vehicle weighing about 1000 Kilo capable of reaching 145 KM/hour.

Cool – just the thing to keep a man happy and content in his shed for months. 😉

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