Vista beaten by both Apple’s Mac OS X and Linux.

Oh dear, it just keeps getting worse for our friends in Redmond according to…

Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system is failing to win over readers, with two-thirds (65 per cent) saying their organisation will never move onto XP’s successor.

“Never move…” That’s quite a big statement.

Just two per cent of more than 800 respondents to the poll said their company has already made the move to Vista.

So that’s 16 companies out of 800 have moved already.

But despite these concerns, Microsoft says the business uptake of Vista has met expectations and is following the same pattern as previous major OS releases.

Gosh – that’s pretty low expectations for their biggest ever product release. If their shareholders were told this a few years ago [“Yeah, this is going to be our biggest ever OS release. It will cost billions of dollars to build, take us years and years, be a couple late probably and we think – oh at least a few hundred companies will buy it – especially if we give it away – and oh yes, it will have a really pretty interface”] I reckon plenty would have walked away in disgust.

But the bit I liked the best was this:

In another recent poll, XP was named by 42 per cent of respondents as their most preferred OS. Vista gained 14 per cent of the vote but was beaten by both Apple’s Mac OS X and Linux.


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