Why does the UK Government not “grok” open source?

Here’s an interesting post from Matt Assay – blogger extrodinnaire – it seems the US public offices are starting to grok what Open Source is all about. Apart from a few stalwarts in our opposition parties it seems as though Tony B’s legacy lives on…

  • 71% of all US federal respondents believe that their agency can benefit from open source (with 88% within the intelligence community holding this view because of advanced security within open source);
  • 55% of all respondents have been or are involved in an open-source implementation (and 90% of those that have implemented believe they have benefited from it – talk about killer approval ratings – which may be why 29% of those who have not implemented are planning to do so in the next 12 months…)

Nice one Matt.

 It’s a very good time to be in open source.

My sentiments exactly…

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