Market Share Numbers (What’s up in the UK?)

I found this link via a post on the OO.o marketing mailing list this morning.

The figures that follow are probably nowhere near complete either. We know that in Holland they are moving the whole of the Amsterdam administration over to Open Source and I’m certain that there will be many more companies and public bodies that either: haven’t seen this list and know that they can contribute, or are simply not allowed to. If you know of any one using OO.o in their business, public agency or wherever else, encourage them to get it on this list!

There are some pretty amazing numbers on there, showing some very large installations of But what really grabbed my attention was some of the European statistics:

  • Austria: 18,000 seats.
  • Belgium: 4,000 seats.
  • Finland: 10,000 seats.
  • France: 490,750 seats!
  • Germany: 25,900 seats.
  • Spain: 388,000 seats!
  • UK: 5000 seats (One entry only, for Bristol City Council)

Now something is surely very wrong here… France and Spain are using, close to, a million (878,750) copies of Open Office. That’s got to be several hundred million pounds worth of license fees they aren’t paying to M$. And not just once, either. That’ll be every three years or so I guess.

If our government wasn’t so in bed with M$ we could probably have built a couple of new hospitals, or a dozen or so new schools with that kind of money… Jeeez, this makes me really angry.

What a WOFM. (Waste Of [insert famous anglo-saxon adjective here] Money)

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  • Given that we’ve been fighting a completely unjustified war for the last four years costing thousands of lives and billions of pounds its kinda hard to get as excited as you plainly are about a few million being shovelled to Microsoft for its Office suite.

  • Alan Lord says:

    Different subject matter entirely, I’ll stick to Open Source thanks.

    But, as the old saying goes: “if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves”

    Thanks for commenting.


  • Fintan says:

    College I went to my tutor told me that they pay £10,000 a year to Microsoft.
    When you think about it, council tax payers pay the college to pay Microsoft.

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