My Dad

Yesterday (5th August 2007) I took my Dad to a field in Wiltshire somewhere between Hungerford and Andover. Not all that remarkable you might think…

It was a present to mark his 80th Birthday. We bought him a trip in a Glider. Something I recalled him saying many years ago that he would love to do.

Well. He did it, enjoyed it and didn’t seem to be phased by it at all. In fact the pilot let him take the controls for a few turns, they got up to 2500ft riding the thermals and were airborne for the best part of half an hour.

If I can do half the stuff my Dad does when I get to 80 (which I probably won’t anyway) I’ll be a very happy man.

Cheers Dad, I love you.

Dad Gliding #1Dad Gliding #2Dad Gliding #3Dad Gliding #4

An eight litre Chevvy engine has a LOT of pulling power! Here’s a video of the take-off uploaded to You Tube. And here’s the landing.

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  • Alan Bell says:

    WOW! that is cool. I did a flying lesson in a Piper Cherokee for my birthday a few years back, flying is amazing. Gliding is a scary concept for me, the silence and freedom appeals, but not being able to screw up, hit the power and go around for a second landing attempt is a bit of a worry. Well done to Mr Lord Senior!

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