Microsoft doing the same thing in Vietnam

I am not searching for Microsoft doing stuff, really I am looking for positive stories like the last one about Open Source being a decisive factor in purchasing fighter jets, however I keep stumbling over stories where Microsoft are telling governments not to use Open Source software.
This one is from Vietnam, it seems Microsoft and the BSA have been round a load of governments raising the issue of proprietary software in use that has not been correctly licensed. This is a good thing. The problem comes when they argue at this level against open source and ask for consular assistance in reinforcing this message.

¶6. (SBU) Microsoft representatives also highlighted their
concerns about recent GVN comments that it plans to switch
to open source software (like Linux) to “fix” its IPR
problems. While acknowledging that the decision on what
type of software the GVN wants to use is up to the
Government, Microsoft asked us to help convey the message
that the GVN should not switch to open source for the “wrong
Switching to open source does not insulate the
GVN from the responsibility of ensuring that all software
used by the GVN is legitimately licensed, Microsoft
asserted. Econoffs noted they had already raised this issue
with the GVN.

GVN is Government of Veitnam but who is Econoffs I wonder?

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